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Mark and Melvin Lindquist, American Craft Artists,make woodturning and sculpture from burls and spalted wood


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Mark Lindquist,
artist, author, sculptor, photographer

Recipient of the the American Association of Woodturner's 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award, the American Craft Council’s 2007 College of Fellows  Award, and the American Association of Woodturner's first POP Fellowship Awards 2006



"...Mark Lindquist's contributions to [the American woodturning] movement in terms of technical innovations and reconsideration of the vessel as a sculptural form rich in cultural and stylistic associations are so profound and far-reaching that they have reconstituted the field....His generosity in disseminating his ideas and techniques among great numbers of woodturners through carefully researched essays on his ground-breaking discoveries and his basic primer Sculpting Wood: Contemporary Tools and Techniques has had the net result of making many of his pioneering feats regularly accepted practices.  Some of his important technical innovations have received...a sweeping imprimatur from the modern studio woodturning movement....In addition, his artistic reconfiguration of woodturning in terms of Korean and Japanese ceramics, oriental philosophy, and Judeo-Christian symbols demands investigation in order to understand how he has transformed this genre into a metaphoric discourse on the nature of being." 
Robert Hobbs
Rhoda Thalhimer Endowed Professor of American Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University 
from Mark Lindquist: Revolutions in Wood, catalog essay for Lindquist's twenty-five year retrospective at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, March 15 - July 7, 1996


(Left) Photo of Mark Lindquist: John McFadden / Lindquist Studios 2005 | AAW Magazine Cover Courtesy American Association of Woodturners 2010
(Right) Cover photo:  Totemic Triad, Totemic Series Sculptures at Founder's Hall, Bank of America Headquarters, Charlotte, NC.  Photo: Mark Lindquist